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Flixwise Podcast

Jul 28, 2015

In an attempt to disprove the widely-held belief that all film critic's hate fun, the Sight and Sound folks voted Buster Keaton's hilarious silent picture, THE GENERAL(1926) as the 34th entry on the "Greatest Film of All Time" list. But is the film worthy of the 34th spot? Answering that question is your host, Lady P, 

Jul 14, 2015

Lady P is joined today by Flixwise regulars Martin Kessler and Carrie Specht to discuss the 33rd entry on Sight and Sound's "Greatest Film's of All Time" list, Vittorio De Sica's BICYCLE THIEVES. Upon its release in 1948 BICYCLE THIEVES was immediately hailed as a classic and It even managed to snag the number 1 spot...