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Flixwise Podcast

Jan 23, 2018

On today's show, classic movie buffs, Michelle Buchman and Kate Hagen, join Lady P for the first Flixwise Favorites entry of 2k18. Michelle is on hand to tell listeners why she thinks Robert Redford's 1980 Best Picture winner, ORDINARY PEOPLE, is actually pretty exceptional. According to Michelle, the film offers both great performances (particularly those of Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Hutton) as well as an ahead-of-its-time portrayal of mental illness and behavioral therapy. The panel then delves into a discussion on why ORDINARY PEOPLE has been either forgotten or unfairly maligned in the years since its release. For many, the film is now better known as a spoiler for RAGING BULL winning the Academy Award, than a movie with its own artist merit.  Our panel discusses whether other 1980 releases including RAGING BULL and ELEPHANT MAN were indeed robbed that year, or whether ORDINARY PEOPLE was worthy of it's initial acclaim. Then they decide whether it should enjoy further adulation with a place on the Flixwise Favorites list.